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Rare Persian artifacts are on display at the Art and Exhibition Hall of Germany (Bundeskunsthalle) in an exhibition entitled "Iran: Ancient Cultures between Water and Desert". The exhibition is organized in the city of Bonn with cooperation of Iran's National Museum and Cultural Heritage Organization in Tehran. 

An exceptional part of the current exhibition is showing the carved vessels which have been discovered around the city of Jiroft and Halil River in South East Persia. In 2001 police seized a large number of these objects looted from the Bronze Age necropolises in the Kerman province.

The archaeologists believe the finds shed new light on the Bronze Age in the region and the production of vessels made of chlorite, alabaster and other stones; but because the objects were looted, their original find context and the knowledge it might have yielded will forever remain lost to archaeological research.

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Years after the end of bombardment, signs of war can be seen everywhere in the center of Iraqi capital Baghdad.

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Many Persians who live in Richmond Hill area decided to watch Iran-Argentina Football match with each other.
(21 June 2014)

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A Glance at Amsterdam's Jewish Historical Museum (Joods Historisch Museum)

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