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Mohammad Amini at the Delft University of Technology (Nov. 2016)

Mohammad Amini at the Delft University of Technology (Nov. 2016) -- Photo: PDN

Ahmad Kasravi (1890-1946) was one of the most famous outspoken critics of Islam in 20th-century Persia [Iran]. He was killed in 1946 by an extremist Shia group named "Devoters of Islam" in Tehran. Seventy years after his assassination, the historian Mohammad Amini has written a book about Kasravi's life and ideas.

Amini's book entitled "The Time and Life of Ahmad Kasravi" is recently published by Ketab Corp. in Los Angeles. The 590-page book is written in Persian and contains five main chapters on different eras of Kasravi's life.


National Museum of Antiquities (RMO: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden) is one of the favorite museums in the Netherlands for those who are interested in the history and culture of the Near East (Persia, Egypt, Mesopotamia...). The museum is based in the student city of Leiden.

In regard of ancient Persia, RMO holds a great collection of metalworks from Luristan province, jewelleries from Hamedan, potteries, arms, etc.



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Persian choral music in general is reffered to works by Persian (Iranian) composers for choir or works which have been written for choir based on Persian music/poetry.

Western "Choir" (as an aspect of Western art music) was introduced to the Persians in early 20th century; when the Tehran Conservatory created a choral group for the students. They later cooperated with Tehran Symphony Orchestra as well but the repertoire was totally Western classical works. 

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The composer James L. Hosay has written a piece inspired by Persian history which is unknown to many Persians!


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